Magic Powers

I have no magic powers, Just the will to move
and within that, create those magic moments that moves
Give them strength and willpower
To get on, to carry on
All I do is nothing, I’m just there.

She looked like the kind of girl who needed someone,
something, well … just about anything.
Anything that could put that smile back on her face.
The kind of smile, that would wipe of the sorrow of
adolescence …

Make it go away, Make her look young again.
Just for a moment, put some happiness on that pale face of hers.
Just for a while, make her feel the joy of life.

Letting her go as she sighs and moans
for more of that precious lust for love … Life

Giving her the strength to fold out her wings, and fly away …
To a safer place where everything makes sense.

Where it’s okay not being okay and
just be sane in that strangely insanity …

Life, Life, Lust … Love

The desire for any kind of rush.

Anything pure that will make the PAIN … go away.

Even just for a second …